5 Reasons to explore New Zealand in fall

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Autumn is such a great time to visit New Zealand! Beautiful colors, mild temperatures, white peaks and empty roads are just a few of them. In this blog we will show you some advantages when traveling during fall in a Campervan. Our favorite time of the year!

1. Best time to go hiking

New Zealand is a true hiking paradise! Beautiful tracks and trails are waiting for you to be discovered. Every part of New Zealand offers you a completely different experience from walking through ancient rainforest in Fiordland National Park on the South Island to the famous Tongariro Crossing on the North Island. With magical waterfalls, active volcanoes, hot springs and endless fiords, even your kids are not going to get bored 😉

The DOC (Department of Conservation) is taking good care about trails, markings, maps and general maintenance of our hiking trails. You will never get lost (if you don’t want to!) and are able to discover the most hidden places. 

2. Temperatures

March to May are New Zealand’s autumn months. Temperatures are only a little cooler than in summer, therefor weather can be excellent! In some places you can still take a swim until April (without needing a wetsuit..). Especially photographers will be amazed by the colors of the changing leaves which make autumn a scenic delight on your pictures!

Summer in New Zealand can be very windy, especially with strong winds from the south. These “southerlies” are dropping down in autumn and you can even make a phone call without needing to go inside…

But New Zealand being located in the South pacific has unpredictable weather conditions all year round. the fabled “4 seasons in one day” is not a fairytale..

We equipped our NEXT ONE Campervans with a heater and hot-water-bottles, which will keep your warm and sooo comfortable! Whatever weather you might have, you will always feel at home in our vans!

3. Main tourist attractions and prices

As a travel addict, you probably know this conflict. You want to go to places where “not everybody is going” and experience the country “how the locals” do. At the same time, you have your Lonely Planet in your backpack or you are following a blogger who is showing pictures of the main attractions. For example pictures of Roys Peak in Wanaka or the movie set “Hobbiton” from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And they look so damn good! So what should I do?

Traveling in autumn means you don’t have to choose! As you never have to wait in line or pay a high ticket fee, you have more time and money to spend to enjoy New Zealand during this time of the year. Prices for campsites usually drop to a very fair and affordable price. You get to enjoy a luxury holiday park even with a small budget! Don’t stress about pre-booking any tickets or campsites, you won’t find masses of tourists in April….

4. The darkest skies on the world!

Recently, 4,300 square kilometres of New Zealand’s South Island was recognised as an International Dark Sky Reserve, the largest reserve of this type worldwide. Covering much of the Aoraki/Mount Cook Mackenzie region, the Dark Sky Reserve has been labelled as ‘one of the best stargazing sites on earth’.

If you come in winter, you might be lucky enough to catch the Southern Lights! Identical to the Northern Lights the sky turns into spectacular sheets of purple, green, yellow and blue that dance silently across the night sky

5. Empty roads

The beauty about traveling in a Next Campervan is to be flexible and free! New Zealand’s roads are not as crowded as in many other countries due to remote areas without any population. Nevertheless, it can get really busy during peak season, especially on certain motorways which lead to popular places. 

During autumn, you have the roads to yourself! What we love about it: Most scenic routes have “lookouts”, small parking areas which gives you a fantastic view of the area. During this time of the year, you will definitely find a parking spot at each and every one of them..