5 reasons to travel New Zealand in a Campervan

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Coming to New Zealand for your holiday means for many tourists to fly to the other side of the world. As you want to make the most out of your time here, you are wondering how to get around the country and where to stay. Here are our 5 reasons, why you should rent a Campervan to explore the country!

1. The Ultimate Freedom!

And that’s what camping in a van is all about! Go where you want, when you want it and stay how long you like. It is literally that easy! It is mostly the weather, which can destroy all your plans. You wanted to go and visit the famous Pancake Rocks on the west coast on your 5th day? Checking the weather report is telling you it is about to rain… What a bummer! And rain on the west coast means A LOT OF RAIN (even though Kiwis on the West coast would never admit that ;).

So what should I do now? 

And there it is, your home on wheels! Your Next Campervan is waiting for you. Throw your rain coat in the van and jump behind the wheel. Weather can be beautiful at another hot spot which might be just a few hours away. How about a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the sun at Lake Tekapo around noon? We love it!

2. Home Away From Home

“Home” is being yourself! And that’s what you can be in our vans. It is about comfort and a feeling of safety. We designed our vans to make you feel at home. You can easily reach all your belongings and still have enough space to relax and spend time with friends on the dinner table our lounge area (which is probably more comfortable than your sofa at home… Cook and have dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, watch Netflix movies or play cards with your best mate!

3. Get in touch with fellow travelers and locals

A campsite is a public place where all kind of people are coming together. You are never too young or too old to go camping! Not just tourists, also Kiwis are enjoying their country throughout the school holidays and it is easy to get to know people. You might find someone who knows the best spot for fishing, sharing the BBQ in the community kitchen or playing rugby with a few guys!

4. Get Off The Beaten Track

When travelling in a Campervan, you have no schedule when you need to check in or check out. You can leave as early or as late as you feel like! You can rush to the next spot or take your time to explore the route. Sometimes you find hidden gems, which are not listed in your lonely planet or on one of your travel apps. Or maybe you meet a lovely couple with who you are spending the rest of your holiday. You never know – but you get to choose 🙂

5. Save Money

Renting a Campervan in New Zealand isn’t necessarily cheap. A van (even an older, cheaper model) will almost always be more expensive than just renting a small car. But where you can save money is in accommodation and food costs. Instead of spending $100-$200 NZD per night on a hotel room, you can spend between 0$ to $50 NZD per night on a campsite. Read more about the differences between campsites in our Camping in NZ guide

And instead of spending $40-$60 NZD on a meal at a restaurant, you can shop at the grocery store and whip up meals in your van for a fraction of the cost. The kitchen of every Next Campervan is equipped with a gas burner, a proper fridge and all cooking utensils you might need for a delicious meal.