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With our borders being closed due to Covid-19, it is the best time for Kiwis to do a post-lockdown road trip! Planning a holiday to discover your own beautiful backyard is a wonderful way to enjoy what millions of tourists had been enjoying and exploring the last years.
šŸššŸ‡³šŸ‡æšŸ¤™ Travelling the country will be possible (with social distancing) under Level 2. So don't miss out and grab yourself your KIWI LOCAL DEAL!
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In these challenging and uncertain times, giving you confidence and security is most important to us.
As the the Covid-19 related situation in New Zealand can change on a daily basis, we want you to stay flexible.

For bookings made from 7th May 2020, the Book with Confidence Guarantee is applicable if you are no longer able to travel due to COVID-19 related developments.

For example: you become sick with COVID-19 or someone immediately connected to you does and you are forced into self-isolation, or an Alert Level change means travel becomes impossible, or there is a Government mandate for you not to travel in your local area/region or the area you intend to travel to.

In these and other similar cases there will be no charges levied to make changes to your booking dates. We will provide a 12-month credit or full refund. Should a Covid-19 related development occurs during your holiday and you are no longer able to continue traveling, we will refund you the days from your rental agreement which haven’t been used.

In the case of a request for a COVID-19 related amendment on personal grounds, guests may be requested to provide a medical certificate to confirm the medical grounds on which the request is based.

Please be aware that where your request to amend/cancel a booking was made prior to 7th May 2020 and/or is not linked to COVID-19 related matters, normal T&Cā€™s will apply.