Which Campervan Rental Company should I choose?

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Road tripping New Zealand in a Campervan is – undoubtedly – the BEST way to explore the country. You can travel at your own pace, see as much as you like, and stop whenever you want to appreciate the country’s breath-taking scenery.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a bunch of Campervan companies to choose from. In fact, making your choice can be overwhelming,

But don’t worry. There are actually only a few things to consider before you can make your decision. And our general tip is Don’t over think it 🙂

Next Campers is offering great vans for 2-3 people

Whats the best Campervan for me?

Simply follow these 4 steps to find out which Campervan is the most suitable for you:

1) Compare Reviews

Before you start comparing Campervans, we recommend visiting Rankers.co.nz. Ranker has plenty of companies registered (around 50 when I counted last time) with pictures, details and inquiry forms. Cymen and Nick have done a great job building this platform now for many years. The most important part: The Reviews! Every one of them is checked by a real person, not just a computer. Check out the companies which top reviews and read what travelers had to say about their trip. 

Why? Because…

… you can see what customers found important and necessary on their trip

… did customers enjoy the way the van was built and designed? Was something broken or not well maintained?

… how was the customer service? If there were any issues, did someone help them out in a timely manner?

Ok now you have a good overview what to look out for and already seen some vans. Maybe you have already found the one you love! 

2) Figure out your budget

Are you a budget traveler or someone who likes to spend a bit more on comfort?Campervan companies in New Zealand range from budget vans to pretty luxurious ones. But if you know your budget and how much comfort you want (or willing to sacrifice), you can narrow your options down to a few companies. If you have never been camping in a van before, try to be honest and ask yourself what you really need to be comfortable from previous holidays.

A word of caution:

If you’re travelling on a budget, be careful not to pinch pennies too hard.

There are a lot of deals online that advertise Campervans in New Zealand for as low as 19 NZD/day. But, for that price – more often than not – you’ll be stuck with an old van that might be falling apart at the seams or incur a bunch of hidden fees. So much for saving money, right? New Zealand is not a cheap place and travelling on a small budget is possible but needs a lot of planning. If a cheap lunch at a takeaway shop costs you around 30 NZD for 2 persons how much Campervan do you think you can get for 19NZD a day?

3) Choose the right Campervan model

There’s a lot to consider when deciding which Campervan to hire. For example, you’ll want to take into account how many people you’re travelling with, where you want to go, the time of year, if you prefer a self-contained Campervan, what size van you’re comfortable driving, and (again) your budget. We at Next Campers offer 2 different kinds of Campervans, the Next BREEZE and the Next ONE. Find our Campervan comparison here.

All our vans are self-contained, and we always recommend using a Campervan which is certified. You will save a lot of money AND get the whole experience if camping in New Zealand. You can choose from any campsite – which gives you ultimate freedom on where to spend the night. Most Campervans on the market are self-contained and for a good reason. With a SC van, you can use DOC campsites (only suitable for SC vehicles) for 0-15 NZD/ per night. Without a SC van, you have to go to campsite which cost you around 25-50 NZD/ day. On a 14-day trip, this can make a difference of a couple hundred dollars! We would rather invest that money on a bungee jump in Queenstown or a scenic flight at Franz Josef…  You can find plenty of information around different campsites on our Camping in NZ page

4) Compare prices and find the best VALUE

Have you already received some quotes? If not, enter your details on Rankers.co.nz and wait until you have received some quotes to start your comparison. Feel free to send us your inquiry and we will get back to you within 24h (mostly within 2h :)). Please keep in mind that not only the price but the value decides which van is best for you. 

Book your van in Advance

New Zealand’s peak season is during the summer months of December, January, February and Easter holiday. If you are travelling to (or within) New Zealand during this time, make sure to book your choice of Campervan well in advance as availability is very limited during peak times. We recommend booking your van in July/ August if you want to celebrate Christmas in your Campervan. 

Grab a Deal!

Some Campervan rental companies run special offers months in advance of high and low seasons to get people to book early. Search for “early bird discounts” or ask directly for a discount.  You can find our Deals and Specials here. Feel free to check back often to view our latest specials!

Such special offers may be a 5-15% discount of the daily hire rate, or discounts on upgrades and extras.  Bookings with Next Campers always include our All Inclusive Package – with absolutely no surcharges for any extras. Get it all for one price 🙂 

Extra tip: Almost every rental company wants to have their vans on the road (booked) every single day, especially during peak season. We all have some random availabilities here and there. If you are flexible with your travel dates and looking to score a deal, specifically ask the rental company for these dates or if they have a gap they might want to fill. 

First the van, then the flights

This is very important for international travelers coming from overseas. The number of available seats on flights coming in and out of New Zealand is far greater than the number of Campervans available for hire. It is therefore a good idea to secure your camper for your desired dates before you book your flights. We talked to hundreds of customers desperately looking for a van as they already booked flights to NZ – just to find out that there is absolutely no Campervan available any more. 

Read the Terms and Conditions

This is probably the most important part. 

Different companies have different T&C. And you don’t want any surprises when you are collecting or returning your Campervan. For us it is important to offer all our items and extras inclusive in our daily rate. Other companies might charge you for camping chairs/ table, gas bottle refill, linen, child seat, second driver and much more. 

Especially when looking at insurances, you should be aware and confident with the companies policies. Some are very good at letting you know what you need to know – and others might hide it with complex wordings in there T&C. At Next Campers, our T&C are straight forward and we have nothing to hide. Our insurance packages also covers you for windshield or tyre damage (most companies charge extra) within your insurance. Because we know it is likely to happen and we don’t want you to spend your precious holiday worrying about additional costs. 

Extra Tip: You can send us your quotes you have received from other rental companies and we are more than happy to explain to you the differences to our NEXT Campervans and T&C. As we are doing this on a daily basis, it is easy for us and gives you more time planning the fun parts for your trip 🙂

Book with confidence!

For bookings made from 7th May 2020, the Next Camper Book with Confidence Guarantee is applicable if you are no longer able to travel due to COVID-19 related developments.

For example: you become sick with COVID-19 or someone immediately connected to you does and you are forced into self-isolation, or an Alert Level change means travel becomes impossible, or there is a Government mandate for you not to travel in your local area/region or the area you intend to travel to.

In these and other similar cases there will be no charges levied to make changes to your booking dates. We will provide a 12-month credit or full refund. Should a Covid-19 related development occurs during your holiday and you are no longer able to continue travelling, we will refund you the days from your rental agreement which haven’t been used.

Enjoy it 🙂

There are only a few countries as equipped for road trips as New Zealand! Travelling with a Campervan allows you to do it at your leisure. Enjoy every moment, and experience everything you want.

The diverse landscapes, the friendly Kiwis and the endless list of things do and places to see makes New Zealand the perfect place for adventures. Now just add a Campervan and you suddenly have the ultimate freedom.